Prof. Tarun Khanna will be present at IIM Bangalore on 14th July 2010 from 5.15 pm to 7.15 pm IST. The meeting would be attended by panelists like:

1. Dr. Devi Shetty
2. DG Police Karnataka, Mr. Ajai Singh
3. Mr. Irfan Razack (Chairman Prestige Group of Builders)
4. Mr. Manish Sabharwal (CEO,TeamLease)
5. Mr. Aromar Revi (Indian Institute of Human Settlements)

Location: IIM Bangalore
Time: 14th July, 5.15 to 7.15 pm (IST)

Are you planning to attend the event? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Abhyudaya says:

    I am interested in attending this event. is there any way I can attend this event?



  2. Team FII says:


    Please leave your email address and we will send you an invitation.

    Warm Regards,

    Forum for Industrial Interaction
    Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  3. Abhyudaya says:


    Sincere thanks to all the organizers and speakers behind this event. I would like to understand:

    1) How economic development is happening in emerging markets. Is there any trend we are able to identify?

    2) New entrepreneurial opportunities in emerging markets which provide services/products to western world and local markets? Any initiatives backed by Government/International agencies to encourage entrepreneurship?

    3)Any Government’s / International agencies initiatives to encourage structured growth in emerging markets?



  4. Archit Agarwal says:


    I am interested in attending this event. Please share the link to register for this event.



  5. Deepti Gupta says:


    I would like to attend this seminar. Is there any fee for attendence? What is the location and timing?



  6. Hello,

    In most emerging economies, as they emerge from command-control or license raj kinda economy (India before and after liberalization), there is always a nexus of ‘Old Boys Club’ (or crony capitalism) that is powerful. Many times they prevent new players from coming in or at least create sufficient roadblocks. This is especially true for Infrastructure kind of projects or capital intensive projects, where a good deal of Govt regulations/involvement is necessary. What is the best way to neutralize them and still win?

    In absence of ‘patient capital’ in emerging economies, usually we see that established business houses, can leverage their existing resources and move into “unrelated businesses” faster. What should an entrepreneur do to win in such scenarios?

    Amit Bhalotia & Ritobrata Bhaumik
    IIM Bangalore

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