Prof. Tarun Khanna shares his views with India Today on strategies to be adopted by India and other developing nations like China to compete with the West. He insists on continous efforts to be put by the countries for reaching the levels of the developed counterparts. “We have just embarked on a very long marathon. It is not a sprint. So this is no time to be complacent,” says Prof. Khanna.

Read the article here (Part1)

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One Response to “Building a Hundred Indian Multinationals”

  1. I read the article and its an extraordinarily inspriing artcile. I am one of the thousands of NRI”S looking to go back to the roots and be an entreprenuer and do something extraordinary. Its illumination, inspiring and full of passion.
    I felt that the artcile was challenging me and extolling me be on the Hundered Indian MNC the speakers are talking about.


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