Prof. Tarun Khanna was present at the World Economic Forum 2010 as a panelist to discuss “The role of the corporation in the next century.”Amongst the other panelists were CEOs of Anglo American the mining giant,Cosco the Chinese shipping giant company, HCL Technologies, the Indian software company and Montex group of Japan.

Read the article here (Part1)

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6 Responses to “Prof. Tarun Khanna at the World Economic Forum, 2010”

  1. snandypeesque says:

    Well done Krishna Palepu and Tarun Khanna!

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  3. evedRellump says:

    This article by Krishna Palepu and Tarun Khanna will play you some tips when going to emerging markets

  4. Slavica says:

    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  5. FeseEmparee says:

    China has been considered to be a primary person within the foreign trade

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